First published under the title «Tatar Punch» («Татарский удар»). Saint Petersburg, “Krylov” Publishing, 2005, 8000 copies
Deep in the heart of Russia, World War III begins — a new type of war, where everything is decided by media, oil and high-tech weaponry.
Russian republic of Tatarstan is at odds with Moscow. It comes to the point of an armed conflict, with UN Security Council involved. But sovereign Tatarstan does not intend to submit neither to peacekeepers of any sort, nor to the superior force of NATO. And it’s not madness or fanaticism – it’s cunning calculation, supported by network of agents, courage and wit (and don’t forget world’s largest strategic bombers).

First published: Saint Peterburg, «Azbuka-Classica» Publishing, 2010, 10000 copies.
In the beginning there was a word, and the word was ‘USSR’.
This word was sold – just like a basket of apples.
And then it started bringing profit.
But how can one profit from building a very expensive cross between projects like Silicon Valley, Hogwarts and Boulder Dam?
What is the benefit of alternative Internet, alternative transportation, alternative political party at power – and creation of an alternative reality?
It’s probably huge.
And the price to pay will be huge, too.

(«Убыр», under the pen-name Nail Izmaylov)
First published: Saint Petersburg, «Azbuka-Classica» Publishing, 2012, 10000 copies.
Nail is a happy urban boy with almost everything to be completely happy. A joyful dad, a caring mom, and a carefree little sister. There’s a faimly apartment under mortgage, a car under financing, sun in the sky, spring drops dripping outside, online shooters and a knife as a gift. There’s no trouble worse than failing a class, no punishment harsher than a password on his computer.
Nail is an unhappy boy abandoned by everyone, with almost everything to be completely miserable. His dad wilted, his mom got scary, his little sister tries not to cry. There’s damp forest, a cold night, dug up dirt, smoke in the eyes and something red at the doorstep. There’s Ubyr. And no hope, no power at all. Just hurt, just bruises, just fatigue – plus his little sister, mom and dad. He is to save and protect them.
He’ll try.

(«Убыр. Никто не умрет», under the pen-name Nail Izmaylov)
First published: Saint Petersburg, «Azbuka-Classica» Publishing, 2013, 4000 copies.
They won.
They returned home.
They were expected.
A terrible grief, Ubyr, happened to Nail and Dila. They had to run and hide from dangerous humans and deadly undead. They had to learn to be true to their word, their cause and their clan. They had to fight for themselves and for those they belonged to.
They believed that some day pain would go, help would come and no one else will die.
Children are so gullible.

zs«Warsaw Pact»
«Варшавский договор»
First published under the title «In Charge» («За старшего»): Moscow, Meshcheryakov Publishing House, 2013, 3000 copies
Russian Foreign Intelligence officer should urgently find some information about the latest American technology.
American company CEO should urgently receive the Pentagon order for this technology.
The owner of the Russian factory, specializing in the same subject, should go to jail for murder.
A boyfriend of the victim girl, Investigation Committee officer, should find the real killer.
It is only one man who can help all those people. Who in principle does not exist. And who owes nothing to anybody.
Until he joined the Warsaw Pact.


ev«Age of Aquarius»
«Эра Водолея»
First published in the «Znamya» magazine in 2006.
The novella slowly develops as realistic everyday story and somehow suddenly turns into a scary tale: in the only township of the region, where life is fully consistent with common sense, people are not what they seem.